The Three Drivers That Make This an Amazing Time for Software Developers

Cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms are democratizing technology for developers at a rapid clip. Easy access, do-it-yourself components and drag-and-drop apps have catapulted software development from the domain of techies hunched over code in siloed offices out into the daylight of everyday business, where developers are growing globally and at an ever-increasing scale.

This democratization, along with the increasingly influential impact of collaboration technology, social networking, and online community software, combine to make today an exciting time bursting with opportunities for developers to innovate faster.

The Power of Collaboration Technology

In this fast-paced climate, developers must evolve with technology and the industry, as do developer relations managers and developer evangelists alike.

The time is ripe to take advantage of the collaboration technology that enables developers to innovate faster and more globally. With the right collaboration technology, development teams can:

  • Connect and share knowledge organically.
  • Build relationships across an organization, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Be empowered to work together to solve problems and provide feedback.

Not only does collaboration technology benefit employees, but it also provides a huge return on investment for the company. Collaboration technology turns knowledge into action, and enables a company’s workforce to perform faster, more efficiently, and more productively.

In addition, the technology underlying your entire community platform must be solid, devoid of buggy or hard-to-use tools. These things will turn developers off in a heartbeat.

The Power of a Developer Community

More and more companies are discovering the impact online communities have in motivating and engaging developers to innovate and share their knowledge on a global scale. The opportunity to connect with experts and grow their skill sets are two of the top reasons developers join an online community.

A vibrant, highly interactive community can raise a developer’s status with peers and help advance his or her career, as well as boost the developer’s reputation and recognition at industry events and within the software development arena at large.

For example, gamification features in AnswerHub allow developers to earn reputation points for participating in different community actions, such as helping to answer questions in the discussion forum or sharing documents or code.

Indeed, it’s an exciting time for developers, as well as the developer managers and several evangelists who help scale community content and membership

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