ROI Calculator for Engineering Teams

With the right tools, your engineering team can improve efficiency, productivity, and retention. With AnswerHub you can:

  • For every 100 developers, save 9,000 hours each year
  • Equals 4 full-time developers in productivity
  • Makes it faster to onboard new engineers

Productivity is Top Priority!

  • 96% of C-level executives say increasing developer productivity is a top priority
  • Addressing bad code and technical debt consume a large amount of daily work for your technical teams
  • Online developer communities encourage discussion, code sharing, and collaboration
  • When developers belong to a community, everyone wins
    • 77% cite reduced development timelines
    • 31% cite better code quality

Let us show you how quickly AnswerHub can pay off while increasing productivity, collaboration, and engagement of your team – Just answer a few questions below and we will generate a clear ROI customized specifically for your situation, right on the spot:

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ROI Calculator

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