ROI Calculator for Customer Support Teams

Software Developers and Technical Professionals Expect You to Have Online Communities to Eliminate:

  • Frustrating Customer Experiences
  • Poor Developer Engagement
  • Rising Support Costs

AnswerHub’s Community Platform Delivers!

  • Lower the cost of support tickets
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention with data
  • Single Source of knowledge for your agents and customers
  • Questions, answers, and in-depth content to quickly resolve questions
  • Global access to information anywhere, real-time

Let us show you how quickly AnswerHub can pay off while improving customer experience, engaging better with developers, and controlling the ever-increasing support costs – Just answer one question below and we will generate a clear ROI customized specifically for your situation, right on the spot:

Customer Support Productivity
ROI Calculator

Year 1

First year AnswerHub cost is $36,000
(Includes: Software, implementation, launch, training, and subscription)

Year 2 and Beyond

Second year and beyond AnswerHub cost is $32,000
(Includes: Software and subscription)
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