Improve productivity, reduce inefficiency and help teams get accurate, relevant and up to date answers to questions

AnswerHub’s platform gives all members of developer and technical teams immediate access to everything teams know in one consistent, accurate, and up to date collaboration environment, eliminating common onboarding inefficiencies, increasing team productivity, and eliminating distractions.

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Q&A — Find The Answer To A Question Already Asked

  • Improve productivity with searchable Q&A
  • Pin Topics to always stay up to date with the latest information
  • Have confidence in the most recent answers given by experts
  • Personalized alerts and tasks for when new information is shared

Knowledge Hub — When a Q&A Post Just Won't Cut It

  • Always up to date  product information, documentation, how-to guides, and best practice articles
  • Mute the distractions by increasing employee empowerment with self-learning
  • Link an article to a question for a more detailed response
  • Accessible everywhere and anywhere

Expert Identification — Spend More Time Coding and Less Time Searching

  • Have full confidence in the answers provided
  • Always know exactly who to ask for help
  • Expert's answered are highlighted for quick identification
  • Stay Up to date with alerts and tasks when new information is shared

User Created Content - Enable Your Developers and Technical Pro's to Create, Vet, and Link Content

  • All content types together in one place
  • Developers and teams can capture and share knowledge in one location allowing articles and ideas to be always available
  • Reduce information silos across departments
  • Easy-to-use editor for long-form documents
  • Retain essential company knowledge in an editable format to promote organic updates
  • Flag an article if inaccurate or out-of-date
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  • Level up with points and awards
  • Reputation points accrue based on active participation and contribution
  • Unlockable permissions based on reputation points
  • Reputation points and badges are displayed on member profile pages

Usage Analytics

  • Identify and act on trends in user behavior
  • See the average time it takes to receive an accepted answer
  • Learn trends in product adoption
  • Gain valuable community insight
  • See what content performs the best
  • Keep a pulse on how teams are doing against goals

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"Our experts kept getting asked the same questions over and over again, causing burnout and roadblocks. So we needed a searchable tool where they could publish their knowledge. AnswerHub was that solution"

Phani A

“Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub.”


“Our Developers needed a solution that would help them work together because they were becoming more and more spread across the globe. AnswerHub was the solution that helped check that box.”

Michael A

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