Leverage Subject Matter Experts in Your Organization

As marketers, we face a giant obstacle—how can we provide developers with the technical content they actually want?

It’s easy to forget that when you’re working for a tech company, marketing isn’t the only department that can help you market your product–and really, every department has great ideas! Leveraging subject matter experts (SMEs) in your organization can bring new life to your marketing campaigns and help create content that developers actually want.

Developers on your team can participate in many different marketing practices. All it takes is finding the right activities for your organization and your team. Take a look at a few SME opportunities.

1. Events and Conferences

Don’t hide your development team – show them off! Whether you’re looking for a big conference, a local meetup, or a webinar, these are places that your SMEs can be utilized.

Conferences are a great place to put a senior developer or CTO on stage to really show your expertise to hundreds or thousands of developers. From speaking sessions to answering questions at your booth, your SMEs can be utilized to talk about what they know best, and promote your product in a well-received manner.

But don’t ignore smaller, local meetups either. According to DZone’s community survey in January 2015, 70% of respondents attend local meetups. Meetups are great for SMEs to make local connections and speak about your product on a more personal level.

2. Blog Posts

Librato leverages internal SMEs by having each DevOps team member write 2 blog posts per year. Librato Content Manager, Ivana Ivanovic, built writing into the workflow of the technical experts within Librato, and each person is required to produce a piece on a set schedule. Ivanovic gives the engineers creative freedom when it comes to blog topics and encourages them to write on topics that interest them or make their jobs easier. In the first 10 weeks of this program, Librato has seen a 53% increase in unique blog traffic.

DZone offers expert content syndication through the Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) Program, which allows experts in the field to have their content posted on DZone. Partner companies like RedHat, Percona, New Relic, SOASTA, Xebia Labs, and CloudBees all have MVB accounts, which shows their expertise and expands their potential reach to millions of developers.

3. White Papers and eBooks

You can also leverage your SMEs when it comes to creating interesting and helpful developer content. A technical white paper will generate more developer leads than a theoretical document, and the developer audience will begin to recognize your brand as an expert.

At DZone, we’ve seen that technical white papers and eBooks see 102% higher engagement compared to webinars, 206% higher engagement compared to live events, and 61% higher engagement than free product trials.

There are many ways to leverage SMEs in your marketing practices and really provide developers with content they want and need. Jules Damji of Hortonworks said:

“To cater to them, content creators have to understand what we care about most, what we need most, what makes us most productive, what accelerates our learning new platform or new set of APIs. In short, what eliminates and reduces friction between what I need to learn (quickly) and what makes me productive (rapidly). If you offer that authentically and genuinely, you will win our hearts, minds, and souls!”

How are you leveraging subject matter experts to win over developers?

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