Eliminate the Noise to Resolve Problems at Hand

AnswerHub enables your team to troubleshoot problems together by capturing and sharing knowledge and expertise in one centralized location.

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How AnswerHub works

Why the AnswerHub Solution

Relieve your experts as the bottleneck to problem-solving because shared knowledge isn’t easily accessible.

Our platform is intuitively built to allow developers and their teams to easily capture and share knowledge in one main repository allowing Articles and Ideas to be available at all times.

Q&A Forum

Prioritize and scale developer engagement and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities while minimizing costs and resource expenditure. Encourage discussion, code sharing, and collaboration.


Provide a repository of trustworthy product information (accessible 24/7), including product documentation, how-to guides, tutorials, and best practice articles.


Give creators and users a forum where they can contribute ideas for future product development.



Quickly identify and act on trends in user behavior, time it takes to receive an accepted answer, trends in product adoption, and content performance.


Role-Based Permissions

Activate multiple levels of collaboration through high levels of configurability, from open-to-all access to highly restricted, need-to-know access.



Available set of Rest APIs, full documentation, and integration with various dev workflow tools give companies the ability to create a fully branded experience.


Expert Identification Engine

Identify and enlist knowledgeable experts and automatically route questions to them, and highlight expert answers.


Advanced Moderation

Dynamically organize and mark answers correct while reviewing all content before publishing and defending against spam with automated spam protection capabilities.



Incentivize and reward knowledge sharing and community engagement using reputation scores, badges, and increased privileges.

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By The Numbers: Why Devs Want a Community

Developers crave connection – they get that and more with an online developer community.
And developers believe a community makes them more productive.


Expect software vendors to provide free online communities.


Cite improved code quality because of community participation.


Cite reduced implementation time when actively involved in a community.


Won’t access APIs from companies that don’t have a dev community.


Are willing to share 25% to 74% of the code they write.

What People Say About Us

"Our experts kept getting asked the same questions over and over again, causing burnout and roadblocks. So we needed a searchable tool where they could publish their knowledge. AnswerHub was that solution"

Phani A

“Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub.”


“Our Developers needed a solution that would help them work together because they were becoming more and more spread across the globe. AnswerHub was the solution that helped check that box.”

Michael A

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