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3 Drivers of Customer Satisfaction

The three primary drivers of customer satisfaction are: Response time — the time it takes for the customer to get a response from a qualified person (i.e.,…

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13 Terrifying Customer Service Statistics

Nothing is scarier than a terrible customer support experience. Customer frustration, coupled with the lack of and resources, can tarnish your brand or organization’s reputation,…

How Tribal Leadership Affects the Health of Your Knowledge Ecosystem

How can you build a better organization?

The Knowledge Management Value Chain

Your organization has many assets and the most important is your organizational cache of knowledge.

Break Down Silos in Your Organization

Silos are a natural part of any organization. Every company is divided into different departments and even teams within departments. However, company silos can quickly…

Why Companies Should Invest in Customer Self-Service

Providing customers with responsive and effective customer support is more important than ever. Seventy-eight percent of customers have ended a business relationship because of bad customer service.…