Answer 20% of the Questions That Currently Take 80% of Your Time

“I swear I have answered this same question more times than I can count! I am so frustrated. I just want to get my job done and having to answer the same repeated questions…

Tribal Knowledge

Stop Losing Your Company’s Tribal Knowledge

“I spent all my time hiring her when we first started and now she’s leaving?!? I can’t believe that!” Jody was understandably upset. We had…

The Meaning of Developer Personas

What happens when you get a couple of dev relations folks together to talk about audience segmentation and developer personas? A spirited podcast discussion on…

Increase online Community engagement

5 Best Practices of Online Communities

We work with online developer communities and their implementation across a variety of clients. Here are a few best practices for engaging developers in your community.

The Science Behind Gamification

Why getting rewarded feels so good.