Creating a Developer Community

Why Developer Programs Matter

Developers are no longer solely required by technology companies. With these technical individuals embedded in companies across almost every industry, developer communities are now a…

Measuring the Success of Your Online Developer Community

Here’s a question that nags at every community manager. Is my online developer community truly delivering value? Communities need to show value for the participants…

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Community

If you’re spending the money for an enterprise level developer community solution, you need to make sure you optimize the ROI you get from it. The first steps are setting objectives, ensuring you have great content and making sure you’re engaging all of your members.

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5 Things to Look for In a Winning Developer Community

Once you recognize the need for a developer community, the next step is putting together a list of wants and needs for your community.

Spend 5 Minutes Doing This to Build Engagement

Developers don’t stick around forever, and teams are growing rapidly nowadays, therefore, your team could be welcoming new team members on a regular basis. Both circumstances have become common experiences that most companies face from time to time.

Leveraging Customer Advocates Through Community

Simply put, advocates add a human and trusting element.

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13 Tips to Build Better Community Engagement

A community is only as strong as it’s contributors.

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Community Series 103 – Ideation and Growing Organically

Ideation, in terms of community, can be a useful tool on several fronts. It can motivate employees helping them feel appreciated when others vote for their ideas. It can also be used to increase engagement, ensuring your developers stay in your community and continue to grow.

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Community Series 102 – What if Q&A Was More Than Just Q&A?

The founder of AnswerHub is the same person who developed OSQA (open source Q&A). Why did he revisit the solution and turn it into a paid solution then? The answer isn’t just that he wanted to make money (although that’s always nice).

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Community Series 101 – What Is a Developer Community?

Developer communities usually stem from a general problem of information silos, senior developers spending their days answering questions rather than coding, or product teams creating things that their communities & customers don’t actually need or want.

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3 Keys to Successfully Marketing Your Developer Community

Picking the right tool to build your developer community to be a space where people want to spend time is hard. Getting users engaged and…

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How to Identify and Leverage Subject Matter Experts

Software developers are notoriously marketing-immune, if not marketing-averse. To reach this particular group, marketers often need to look outside of their department for assistance. As…