The Value of a Community Manager


  • Every developer focused community needs a Community Manager regardless of whether it’s a part- or full time role as well as whether it is for an internally-focused or externally-focused program.
  • The Community Manager is the CEO of the community, and has the responsibility to create and then evolve the vision for the community.
  • Key responsibilities include developing the guidelines for membership, communicating with all stakeholders, promoting the growth of the community, and engaging (on an ongoing basis) a core group of users who will help the Community Manager to moderate and manage the community.

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The Role of a Developer Focused Community Manager:

The Community Manager must balance their time between strategic planning, goal setting, measuring / analyzing with daily tactical efforts of moderating, ensuring questions are getting answered, and communicating and promoting activity within the community. The position is particularly critical in a developer-focused community, due to its unique nature of engaging and growing this important demographic. As your developer focused community grows and matures, the Community Manager will spend less time on the day to-day “doing”, and more time guiding and developing the community toward the achievement of larger goals – especially when it comes to knowledge capture, collaboration, case deflection, and customer engagement.

  • Build and execute the developer community development strategy for company, team or product.
  • Connect with and grow the community through moderating and engaging on platforms and forums (both ours and third-party ones).
  • Identify and develop engaged community members, ensuring they’re connected with the right people within the company.
  • Coordinate with product and development to support their features and releases with the community.
  • Share insights and feedback from the community team to company, team, or product.
  • Promote community involvement within (company, team, or product) and build a framework to support employees engaging with the community.
  • Work with other members of the company, team, or product community team to ensure our community is recognized, celebrated, and nurtured.
  • Build KPIs, measurement, and reporting appropriately on community development progress, then communicate clearly to all key stakeholders.

The Benefits of a Community Manager for your Developer Focused Community

  • Having a Community Manager humanizes the company by creating powerful, lasting relationships with your internal teams and / or your external users / customers.
  • A Community Manager provides firsthand customer service by ensuring that issues are routed efficiently to the appropriate department, which leads to quicker resolution times for customers.
  • Product patterns and enhancement requests get funneled by the Community Manager to the leaders in the product and engineering teams in an efficient manner.
  • A Community Manager represents the voice of the customers to the executive leadership, helps in building and growing your brand, and helps steer your team and / or user / customer engagement strategy accordingly.


We believe a dedicated Community Manager is critical to the long term success of a developer-focused internal and external community. A ship shouldn’t set sail without a captain! The crew needs training and direction, the ship’s voyage needs a purpose, the helm needs a heading, etc. Absent a dedicated Community Manager, your community initiative is unlikely to fulfill its vision, purpose, and the engagement you are looking to achieve.

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