Asset Acquisition Expands IgniteTech’s Suite of Communications and Remote Engagement Solutions AUSTIN, Texas — November 16, 2022 — IgniteTech™, the company “Where Software Goes to Live™,” today announced the asset acquisition of AnswerHub, Inc., a powerful knowledge management platform built to capture, curate, and distribute the expertise of developers and technical…

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State of Developers in 2022 and Beyond

Introduction In the past few years, we’ve all seen numerous and unparalleled changes and disturbances to just about everything related to business (and even personal) matters. Everything from how customers corresponded to what technology could do for us shifted to meet the constraints and precautions put in place to protect…

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The Value of a Community Manager

The Role of a Developer Focused Community Manager: The Community Manager must balance their time between strategic planning, goal setting, measuring / analyzing with daily tactical efforts of moderating, ensuring questions are getting answered, and communicating and promoting activity within the community. The position is particularly critical in a developer-focused…

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September 2022 Newsletter

AnswerHub Is Formulated For You In this newsletter, we wanted to delve into some intriguing AnswerHub knowledge and secrets. Over the years, we’ve gathered information and studied the importance and value of a Community Manager. In the below article “The Value of a Community Manager”, we share this vital and…

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Building a Self-Service Support Through an Online Developer Community

The evolution of the Internet, social media, and mobile communications has changed the way companies (whether large and small) interact with their customers. Phone calls and emails to voice customer complaints have fallen by the wayside, quickly abandoned in favor of posting grievances online instead – be it a tweet,…

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9 Essential Questions to Ask When Planning a New Online Developer Community

Whether planning a community from the start or optimizing an existing community, planning sets the foundation for success by defining the problems to be solved through the community, with consideration for the needs and preferences of the community members, as well as the objectives and measures of success for the…

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