The Value of a Community Manager

The Role of a Developer Focused Community Manager: The Community Manager must balance their time between strategic planning, goal setting, measuring / analyzing with daily tactical efforts of moderating, ensuring questions are getting answered, and communicating and promoting activity within the community. The position is particularly critical in a developer-focused…

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Building a Self-Service Support Through an Online Developer Community

The evolution of the Internet, social media, and mobile communications has changed the way companies (whether large and small) interact with their customers. Phone calls and emails to voice customer complaints have fallen by the wayside, quickly abandoned in favor of posting grievances online instead – be it a tweet,…

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9 Essential Questions to Ask When Planning a New Online Developer Community

Whether planning a community from the start or optimizing an existing community, planning sets the foundation for success by defining the problems to be solved through the community, with consideration for the needs and preferences of the community members, as well as the objectives and measures of success for the…

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Building a Knowledge Sharing Community Improves Your Bottom Line

Today’s businesses are constantly evolving their customer-facing technical support capabilities. From multi-tiered approaches to full outsourcing, this important function that is at the nexus of the customer experience with your products is critical to get right. And, when it comes to working with developers and tech teams, the complexity only…

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Why Building a Developer Community is Mission Critical for All Software and Software Enabled Businesses

Most CEOs and business leaders at software businesses already understand the importance of developers and creating a strong developer community. For us, nothing makes the critical role of developers more clear then Stephen O’Grady description from his book The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World: “In the wake of…

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10 Elements Your Community Needs To Be Successful And Effective

If you’re spending good money for an enterprise-level developer community solution, you’ll surely want to optimize the ROI you get from it. Your developer community should provide tremendous value to both you and the users of your product(s). Whether you want to use it as a developer marketing tool, to…

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