Building a Knowledge Sharing Community Improves Your Bottom Line

Today’s businesses are constantly evolving their customer-facing technical support capabilities. From multi-tiered approaches to full outsourcing, this important function that is at the nexus of the customer experience with your products is critical to get right. And, when it comes to working with developers and tech teams, the complexity only…

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Why Building a Developer Community is Mission Critical for All Software and Software Enabled Businesses

Most CEOs and business leaders at software businesses already understand the importance of developers and creating a strong developer community. For us, nothing makes the critical role of developers more clear then Stephen O’Grady description from his book The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World: “In the wake of…

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10 Elements Your Community Needs To Be Successful And Effective

If you’re spending good money for an enterprise-level developer community solution, you’ll surely want to optimize the ROI you get from it. Your developer community should provide tremendous value to both you and the users of your product(s). Whether you want to use it as a developer marketing tool, to…

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Developer Relations (DevRel) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): A Fresh Look at Driving Value

It’s actually a good thing if a developer doesn’t need to poke and peel her way through every nook and cranny of your website. It means she found what she was looking for quickly and is back to being a productive (and presumably) happy user of your software. Yes, there is more to it than just a bounce rate and we can get into measuring search analytics as well, but the point is: On the surface, we can’t simply apply the same metrics we use for a corporate website to an online developer community.

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How to Build a Powerful Online Community for Your Software Developers

Today, a Google search for any type of information (like technical information) will deliver you ads and thousands of results. Many of the results are discussion threads on forums. There are millions of online forums that people, including software developers, find themselves using daily to help them find the answer to their query. Studies indicate that employees spend over 20% of their time – a full workday each week – looking for information and data on the web via Google and other search tools. For software development leaders, this means lost productivity, missed deadlines, and higher costs.

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