Knowledge Sharing And Collaboration Across Your Distributed Teams

AnswerHub’s platform enables your experts to be empowered to share insights and best practices across your developer and technical teams and as well, protects your institutional knowledge by getting it out of your expert's heads and making it available to everyone via one common knowledge base.

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Expert Identification- Take the guesswork out of wondering who to ask for help

  • Subject experts are displayed and ranked on topic pages
  • Expert answers are highlighted for easy visibility and confidence
  • Experts are alerted when questions in their area of expertise are posted and when they have been specifically asked to answer

Knowledge Hub - All of your information in one place

  • Up to date product information, documentation, how-to guides, tutorials, and more
  • Easy to use editor to produce short and long-form articles that can link to other databases and knowledge stores in your environment
  • Build a full table of contents by simply linking related articles
  • Exportable content by PDF enables offline viewing and sharing
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

Q&A – Reduce Time to Problem Resolution

  • Purpose-built to enable easy access to relevant answers
  • Easy to use GUI to enable technical and non-technical team members to ask questions, find already asked questions (and answers), and reduce repeat questions
  • Prevents coding errors from slowing the team down
  • Answers are always available on-demand
  • Identify the most relevant and up to date content with filters and sorting
  • Information never gets stale by adding important details as advancements happen
  • Personalized content subscriptions and notifications to improve focus
  • Get collaboration and knowledge sharing at scale

Content Navigation and Search

  • Quickly find the right information with Topic and Tag enabled search
  • Bringing all relevant information in one place
  • Browse additional topics to discover new information
  • Encourage experts to provide content and insight on a new topic
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  • Level up with points and awards
  • Reputation points accrue based on active participation and contribution
  • Unlockable permissions based on reputation points
  • Reputation points and badges are displayed on member profile pages

Usage Analytics

  • Identify and act on trends in user behavior
  • See the average time it takes to receive an accepted answer
  • Learn trends in product adoption
  • Gain valuable community insight
  • See what content performs the best
  • Keep a pulse on how teams are doing against goals

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What People Say About Us

"Our experts kept getting asked the same questions over and over again, causing burnout and roadblocks. So we needed a searchable tool where they could publish their knowledge. AnswerHub was that solution"

Phani A

“Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub.”


“Our Developers needed a solution that would help them work together because they were becoming more and more spread across the globe. AnswerHub was the solution that helped check that box.”

Michael A

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