AnswerHub Default Plugin List

Below is a comprehensive list of plugins that are included with the AnswerHub product. Some plugins are enabled and set up by the customer success team during the implementation phase of the onboarding process. They are:

Default/Cloud On-Prem
 Custom header and footer  Robots.txt  Amazon S3
 Core widgets  SEO support  Azure Search
 Elasticsearch  Shield plugin  Azure Storage
 Froala editor  Sitemaps
 GDPR support  Teamhub awards
 Ideation  Terms of service plugin
 Knowledge base  Advanced analytics
 Leaderboard  Contributors
 Markdown support  Impersonation
 OSQA awards  Favorite spaces
 Password management  Profanity filter
 reCAPTCHA support


In addition, the following plugins are installed but are not set up as they need sensitive internal information. For these plugins, your customer success manager will assist you in configuration.

 Cookie SSO authentication
 LDAP authentication
 OpenID Connect authentication
 SAML authentication
 Social authentication (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)


Last Updated: November 21, 2018

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