Answer 20% of the Questions That Currently Take 80% of Your Time

“I swear I have answered this same question more times than I can count! I am so frustrated. I just want to get my job done and having to answer the same repeated questions is getting in the way of that!” 

You may remember from our last blog Stop Losing Your Company’s Tribal Knowledge, Janna, a product expert on the Engineering team, left for a new job at a different company, taking all of her knowledge with her.  

As a result, Imani, another lead engineer with a lot of historic knowledge, is now being bombarded with endless questions from her team members. It’s to a point where she feels like all she does all day is answer questions from team members either walking over to her desk or messaging her on Slack or via email. If only there was a way for her to answer a question one time and make her answer available to the rest of the team as well. 

Fewer Questions, More Work 

Do your lead developers continue to get interrupted from their daily work to answer the same questions repeatedly?  

Stop your experts from getting bombarded with too many repeated questions and provide them with a single place to store the information for others to easily search for and find an answer, so they can instead focus on meaningful work. 

Speed and efficiency are both paramount for successful software development. Technical teams face a lot of distractions that make remaining productive challenging, including answering questions from team members and onboarding new employees. AnswerHub provides the tools that equip your team to answer questions in one place so that the entire team can easily access them.  

Collaboration and communication among software development and IT operations teams are both critical for driving productivity and success in today’s market. Enterprise organizations expect a high level of productivity from their teams leading to output that provides both a good customer experience and a high level of customer satisfaction. Additionally, Software development and IT operations need to be able to rapidly onboard new employees, drive productivity, and speed up time to market in order to achieve success with DevOps. 

A Single Source of Truth 

A lot of times, valuable information can be hard to find. Do you want your developers wasting time searching for the correct answer or answering the same question over and over? AnswerHub provides a single repository where all team members can easily search and find the answer to the most important questions quickly, gaining time back so they can focus on their other work.  

AnswerHub provides an easily searchable platform that is accessible and curated in a centralized location with accurate and up-to-date knowledge. Our advanced moderation allows designated users the ability to mark answers as correct to ensure your team that they can have confidence in the answer to their question. Our Topics and Spaces allow for your content to be curated in a thoughtful and convenient way. 

Eliminate endless emails and chat messages with repeated questions and capture those ad hoc conversations in one place making them available to the whole team. By offering your developers a single place to answer questions and create how-to articles and tutorials, they will be able to answer 20% of the questions that currently take 80% of their time. 

Create a Coding Dojo  

AnswerHub allows you to create a Coding Dojo, or central point for collaboration and problem solving, allowing you to capture knowledge through our powerful Q& A tool, eliminate rework by removing duplicate questions by offering great search capabilities, increase cross-skills on the team by providing a way for developers to share how-to’s, tutorials, and architecture decisions and lastly accelerates adoption through gamification and an easy-to-use interface.  

Finally Productive 

Within just a couple of weeks of setting up the Coding Dojo on AnswerHub, Imani and others were able to notice a huge uplift in their day-to-day productivity. “I am not interrupted nearly as much and can finally focus on my work”  

In most companies, 85% of questions are already answered somewhere. Why not have all the answers to your teams’ questions in one place so everyone can easily find the answer they are looking for, allowing for less interruption and more productivity. Click here to get started to stop having your best developers answer the same questions over and over. 

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