Connecting the world's software teams one business at a time our mission!

About AnswerHub


Connecting the world’s software teams one business at a time is the mission of AnswerHub. If you are like most businesses, digital innovation is key to your success. Leaders like you must be concerned with capturing your team’s collective knowledge/expertise, increasing your team’s productivity, eliminating redundant work, and accelerating new technology adoption. Keeping your software development and technical teams productive and happy is challenging on many levels. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an enterprise-class, fully configurable platform that would give your employees and your customers the information they need when they need it to be productive, engaged, and motivated?

The AnswerHub platform is purpose-built to capture, curate, and distribute your software and technical team’s expertise, insights, and knowledge on a global basis for organizational consumption, eliminating unnecessary noise, and enabling your local and distributed teams to focus on business outcomes that matter, quickly and accurately.

With AnswerHub you will:

  • Retain and easily share knowledge across your distributed teams
  • Improve productivity and reduce inefficiency
  • Share on-demand insights, best practices, and answers – anytime, anywhere
  • Grow and connect your developer and technical communities

Our powerful platform is unique in that it is:

  • One platform that encompasses both internal and external collaboration and knowledge sharing use cases for developers and tech teams
  • Completely configurable to match the look, feel, and functionality enabling you to match the ecosystem your teams and your users prefer
  • Constructed to maximize your software and technical teams’ return on investment

AnswerHub is focused on bringing together today’s digital innovations to create solutions that transform tomorrow’s world by enabling software and technology professionals to collaborate, share their wisdom and connect with each other, as well as with their customers. Our solutions improve productivity, save money, and bring quality products to market faster than ever before.

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